Ralf Neumann, sport scientist TU Munich, Germany


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my target is to motivate people to start with sport and training programs. "motion is life" is my motto. with the highly standardized measurement system Metabolic Escan i can measure how your metabolic system is working in rest position. only if your body is using around 60 percent and more fat depots to support your body with energy you will show the right metbolic profile. on the other hand if the use of carbohydrates and the metabolism in total is high you wont lose weight. as an expert regarding nutrition and sport programs i can show you immediately results and evaluate your progress.

moreover with the development of training applications in english and arabic language i want to inform people to do the right things. training is simple if you are used to do the programs continously. the most difficult part is to start and to figure out the right stimuli for your body. i am very experienced in the field of sport.feel free to contact me if you have specific questions.

sincerely yours,

Ralf Neumann

new application available now in the App Store "Cardio motion"